We are THERAPiN – A Medical Cannabis Company

We at THERAPiN, develop and grow medical cannabis in the most innovative indoor growing facility in Israel.
Our facility allows to market a variety of affordable, clean, high-quality products at the highest international standards, while understanding patients’ needs, improving patients’ lives and providing the broadest response possible to a variety of approved medical indications.
At THERAPiN, we have developed a unique indoor growing technology, which allows us to grow medical cannabis according to strict and rigorous quality standards that are customary in the pharmaceutical industry.
The company’s senior management team has extensive background and experience in key positions in the fields of agronomy, research, development, service, sales and operations in pharmaceutical companies.
Thanks to the growing in the highest standards in Israel, patients will receive a continuous supply of quality products.

Innovative Indoor Technology

The growing of cannabis plants and the production of products is carried out at our innovative INDOOR facility, which is a closed and controlled structure, and allows to neutralize many external influences on the growth of the cannabis plant, such as different temperatures during different season throughout the year, number of light hours, water quality, thus optimally controlling a large number of parameters that affect the concentration of active ingredients in the plant and the quality of inflorescence in which they are mainly found.

Thanks to the unique growing technology we have developed and the strict and uncompromising quality control processes, we provide our customers with consistent, high-quality, clean and available products to the patient on an ongoing basis.

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Committed to patients

Patients needs and benefits are the highest priorities of THERAPiN, that focus is driving the company to continuously grow and market quality medical cannabis products, with the same effect, over time.

The company is working to develop new medical cannabis strains and products, with the aim of expanding the range of options available to patients and addressing their medical condition and facilitating and improving their quality of life.

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